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Good evening to everyone,

I am Nino Argentati, President of PitturiAmo, and next to me are Anna Soricaro (gallery owner and art critic), Rossella Antonucci (art historian and art consultant) and Monia Scarantino (art consultant).


I am very happy to be here today, in this beautiful gallery in Paris, in the city that has always been considered the cradle of contemporary art.


I am also very happy because our initiative was a great success considering how many artists took part in the Prize, from all over Europe.


In particular, since there are artists from different countries are present today, we have decided to have a French translator joining us and, in order to make us understood even by those who do not speak Italian or French, we have set up a monitor with translations in English and Spanish. In this way we hope to make ourselves understood by the majority of those present.


The Top Selection Paris Award 2024 saw the participation of 1305 artists from 60 countries around the world. Of these, 683 (just over half) were admitted to the final round. From all of them, only 25 will be the winners of the PitturiAmo Top Selection.


The selection will be made by the artistic jury of the prize with Denis Cornet, the host and owner of this splendid gallery in the heart of Paris. He will be the president of the jury.


On the 7th of May we will publish on our Facebook page the names of the 25 winners who will enter the Top Selection, which already counts of the winners of the previous awards in Rome, Vienna, Madrid and Milan.


All artists in the Top Selection will be published on a website that is currently under construction and it will be available to gallery owners, with whom we have collaborated and will collaborate in the future.


The website will be structured in such a way as to give more visibility to the artists who will have been selected by more gallerists. That is why it will be important to participate in all Top Selection events.


The more gallerists will choose you, the more opportunities you will have of being involved in important art events!


In this way, the admitted artists will have the chance to get in touch with major international gallerists, thus having the opportunity to obtain contacts, facilities and exclusive invitations to the best art events, chosen and selected by the gallerists themselves.


In other words, we want to create a network of collaboration between artists, gallery owners, art critics, curators and collectors that is as fruitful as possible.


The faces of the 25 selected artists will be published in Panorama, one of Italy’s leading weekly magazines.

The claim that will accompany this promotion campaign will be ‘The new faces of contemporary art‘.


Obviously, selecting only 25 artists from all those taking part will not be easy and many good artists will be excluded. This should not discourage those who will not be selected.


We have decided to have the selection mainly carried out by the gallery owners with whom we collaborate precisely because in this way we can create a varied and heterogeneous selection based on the tastes and artistic background of the gallery owners themselves, who are always different and bear witness to specific art in each city hosting the Top Selection.


The next stage of the Top Selection will be, in fact, in New York, where we have involved Dan Giella, owner of the One Art Space gallery in Manhattan.


The gallery is located in the Tri.Be.Ca district, one of the areas with the greatest artistic vocation on the island of Manhattan.


This will also be a wonderful opportunity for visibility and artistic growth.


Regardless of whether you win or not in this artistic competition, my invitation to you is to join the Top Selection New York Award soon.


As always, there is a 20% discount on the participation fee for the first artists adnitted.

Contact your artistic consultant and have them explain in detail how the Prize will be structured.


Thank you for participating and being here.

We have provided a small refreshment for everyone.

top selection Paris 2024