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Top Selection New York 2024

International Art Prize in


The winners published on the newspaper “La Repubblica” on 08/09/2024


Exhibition and Video Exhibition at One Art Space gallery in TriBeCa (Manhattan – New York)

29 July- 04 August 2024



Exhibit in NEW YORK and join the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, flanked by the great International galleries

Painting – Sculpture – Graphics – Photography – Digital Art – Installation – Artificial Intelligence


DEADLINE : June 23

New york di sera

Watch the presentation of the previous event (Milan, Teatro San Babila – 14 December 2023)

Find out how we work, what we do and what are our goals

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The International Art Prize in New York – Manhattan, is organized by PitturiAmo, has the aim of giving visibility to all the artists admitted in an international context of certain prestige and of identifying 25 talents to include in a network of international artists, flanked by great European and non-European gallery owners.

A selection of artists, of particular importance, will have the opportunity to establish working relationships with the One Art Space Gallery and with other international galleries collaborating with PitturiAmo, in the main European capitals (Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, etc.) entering, in fact, in a selected circle of international artists: the TOP SELECTION, where collectorscuratorscritics or simple art lovers will be able to find new talents to discover and valorize.


Win the opportunity to finally join the circle that counts!

36 bandiere internazionali

Who is the award for?

The Award is aimed at professional or non-professional painters, sculptors, photographers, digital artists who wish to exhibit their art in a prestigious context to make themselves known and join an international network, aimed at their promotion and enhancement.

  • Artists who are already part of the PitturiAmo’s Top Selection will be able to obtain additional credit and greater visibility from the new gallerists identified by PitturiAmo.
  • Artists who are NOT yet part of the Top Selection network will have the opportunity to be selected and become part of a very important network of art professionals.

It is possible to submit one or more works of art, on ANY SUBJECT, in the categories PAINTING, SCULPTURE, PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL ART.

The prizes at stake

The Prize aims at giving wide visibility to the works of the admitted artists through live and video exhibition for 7 days at the One Art Space Gallery of New York.

  • THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE JOINT WINNERS – inclusion in the Top Selection of PitturiAmo, an international network of selected artists, flanked by great European galleries.
  • The names of the winners will be published on “la Repubblica” on September 08, 2024
  • ALL  admitted artists will receive a certificate of merit and will be able to exhibit through video their artworks at the One Art Space Gallery, from 29th July to 4th August 2024.
36 bandiere internazionali
Logo Top Selection New York

Top Selection New York


Open selections



The Top Selection is a network, constantly evolving, consisting of several international stages. The previous stages have been organized in Roma, Vienna, Madrid, Milan and Paris. The next stages will be identified in the future. Each stage sees the involvement of a new gallerist, identified in the city where the Prize will be held.

The gallerist chosen for this New York stage is Dan Giella, of the One Art Space gallery, located at number 23 Warren Street in TriBeCa – Lower Manhattan – New York. 

Dan Giella will select, among all the participants, 25 artists of his exclusive interest, to include them in his entourage and involve them in events of international standing, presenting them to his collectors and art curators.

The artists selected by Giella will be included in the TOP SELECTION, organized by PitturiAmo in collaboration with the best international gallery owners.

The artists belonging to the TOP SELECTION are identified exclusively by the gallery owners of the big international cities where PitturiAmo organizes its art events. This project creates an extremely small and selected nucleus of artists in continuous evolution, with an increasingly rich and prestigious CV.

All the artists of the TOP SELECTION will in fact be included in a special website with reserved access for international gallery owners, thus having the opportunity to obtain contacts, discounts and exclusive invitations to the best art events, chosen and selected by the gallery owners themselves.



Find out why the Top Selection is important

Interviews with Nino Argentati, Antonio Battaglia, Vittorio Schieroni

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The New Faces of Contemporary Art

The Top Selection on one of the most important national general knowledge magazines.

Prima pagina La Repubblica
I nuovi volti Repubblica

Logo la repubblica

Faces and names of all the artists included in the Top Selection will be published in La Repubblica newspaper, available online and in all Italian newsstands.

La Repubblica is the second largest newspaper in Italy, with an average circulation of 151,309 in May 2023 and an average of 1.5 million readers.

An unmissable opportunity for visibility !

36 bandiere internazionali

Would you like more information? Chat with one of our art consultants via WhatsApp. Send us a message now and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Interni galleria Thuillier Parigi
Logo One Art Space Gallery New York
Galleria One Art Space
Galleria One Art Space

In the photos, Interior of the One Art Space Gallery in New York

One Art Space Gallery – Warren Street, 23 – TriBeCa – Manhattan – NY


One Art Space opened its doors at 23 Warren Street in May 2011. Since then, it has organized over 200 personal and collective art exhibitions.

One Art Space is located on the ground floor, enclosed by a front glass window that expands outwards. This exhibition space, absolutely unique and versatile, offers the perfect setting to bring out the artworks and the artists.

Presenting a variety of international and local contemporary artists in the heart of Tribeca on Manhattan Island in New York, One Art Space focuses on the artist, placing emphasis on his artistic career and contemporary art.

The gallery presents a wide range of artist collections including Akihiro Nishino, Al Diaz, Andrew Salgado, Robert Whitman Photographer, Shepard Fairey, Swoon e Tim Okamura, just to name a few.

One Art Space was created with the idea of cultivating, developing and promoting established artists, but also introducing new artists into the aesthetic diversity of the New York art community.

The gallery also focuses on supporting equality in art, exemplified by its phenomenal Women’s Month exhibition.

One Art Space continues to grow and contribute to the New York art scene and aims to promote its mission, which is to create a place where “the artistic community is concentrated in a single space

Video Exhibition

29 Luglio – 04 Agosto 2024

L'artista Lisa espone in video la sua opera "Serena" al Premio Artista d'Europa 2023

All the works admitted to the prize will be exhibited through video for 7 days, from 29th July to 9th August 2024, at the One Art Space gallery in New York.

Dan Giella

Dan Giella - One Art Space Gallery - New York

Dan Giella, son of Joe Giella, an American comic book artist best known for his inking work at DC Comics during the late 1950s and ’60s, where he worked on some of the most famous international comics (Batman, Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, etc…).

Dan graduated from the SVA (School of Visual Art) di New York ) in New York and he is a lifetime member of the Art Students League of New York. Dan is also the president of “Giella Design“, which since 2003 has focused on corporate communications to help clients enhance their brands through illustration and design, including companies like General Motors, Alliance Capital, AT&T, Mercedes Benz, Toshiba, Radisson Hotels and the Arthur Ashe Foundation.

Before starting his own company, Dan spent an 18-year career serving as Creative Director at Identicus/Veritas Group, LTD., Art Director at Lifestyle Marketing Group, and Illustrator and Designer at Saatchi & Saatchi Promotions.

With his years of experience, he has brought together everything he has learned in his professional career and combined his experiences with his vision to create a very different type of gallery.

The event catalog with ISBN code

As a tribute to all the selected artists

The PDF catalog of the International Prize for Contemporary Art TOP SELECTION NEW YORK, with all the artists admitted to the exhibition.

The catalog will be distributed with an ISBN code (International Standard Book Number) which guarantees diffusion and availability in all international bookstores.

You can download the catalog in PDF format for free and easily distribute it online to all your contacts.

N.B. The catalog will be available for download approximately three weeks after the event ends. Technical times necessary to create the product. If you would like to have a hard copy of the catalogue you can buy it directly on the typography website.

Catalogo Premio Internazionale New York
36 bandiere internazionali
Attestato Top Selection New York 2024

The certificate of merit

To all participants the certificate of merit with a generic motivation for admission.

Participation fee – Video

(only if selected)



thanks to the contribution of the sponsor Lussografica

(until funds run out)


The participation fee is used to cover the administrative and organizational costs of the Exhibition.

logo lussografica

Here’s how to participate


Fill out the form below and send the image of your artworks with title, technique and size. Our artistic editorial staff will evaluate your work and, if you are selected, we will contact you in order to formalize your registration.

Submit your Artwork

Send your application, you will pay the membership fee ONLY IF YOU ARE SELECTED by the artistic editorial staff of PitturiAmo.  Submit now your artwork!



36 bandiere internazionali

if you have difficulty filling out the registration form contact our editorial staff and we will help you!


DEADLINE : June 23


  • The opportunity to join the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, flanked by great European galleries;
  • Video exhibition of the work admitted in an exhibition hall of the One Art Gallery in New York (Manhattan), from 29th July to 04th August 2024.
  • The catalog of the event with ISBN code
  • Digital invitation to the vernissage that will be held on Monday 29 July 2024 in the gallery.
  • Certificate of merit with generic motivation for admission.
  • Cocktail for the opening ceremony in the gallery.

Possibility to compete for the awarding of the following Prizes:

  • From the 1st to the 25th ranked –Inclusion in the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, flanked by great European gallerists and inclusion in the dedicated website;
  • The winners will be published on the Italian newspaper “la Repubblica” on 08/09/2024


Would you like more information? Chat with one of our art consultants via WhatsApp. Send us a message now and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Choose your PitturiAmo consultant.

PitturiAmo® numbers

Painters in promotion

Paintings on display

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati, designed and created PitturiAmo. He created his first web page in 1995 . Since then he has curated countless online projects for companies, specializing in search engine optimization and creating online advertising campaigns.

Thanks to PitturiAmo he has helped thousands of artists to sell their works both online and through gallery shows, fairs, shows and competitions.

He organizes exhibitions, awards and competitions for national and international artists, in Italy and abroad.

There are more than 19,000 artists members of the PitturiAmo Network, exhibiting more than 218,000 works of art online.

With these numbers and an average of about 3500 visitors a day, PitturiAmo has become the largest art gallery on the Italian web.

Premio dei Normanni. Nino Argentati e Sandro Serradifalco
Nino Argentati e Anna Soricaro al Premio Artista d'Italia
Fiera ART 3 F - Alta savoia con M.G. Todaro della Queen Art Studio Gallery
Nino Argentati al Premio Vittorio Sgarbi
Nino Argentati con Mario Salvo e Francesca Reger

Nino Argentati during some of the many events organized by PitturiAmo. From top left with: Vittorio Sgarbi and Sandro Serradifalco at the Premio Maestri in Milan, with Maria Grazia Todaro at the Art 3F fair in Alta Savoia, with Philippe Daverio, at the Vittorio Sgarbi Award, with Sandro Serradifalco at the Normanni Award, during the presentation of the Italian Artist Award 2022 in Rome, with the artists at the Art 3f Fair of Marseille 2022

PitturiAmo has already helped many artists to gain greater visibility online, which has resulted in:

  • Sale of paintings directly on the portal;
  • Sale of paintings by private treaty;
  • Win prizes in contests;
  • Participation in fairs, exhibitions and various events;
  • Exhibitions in group shows in prestigious places;
  • Publications in art catalogues;
  • Inclusions in the most prestigious art collections.

PitturiAmo is present at major art events together with many internationally renowned artists and critics, such as:

  • Vittorio Sgarbi;
  • Sandro Serradifalco;
  • Philippe Daverio;
  • Paolo Levi;
  • Mario Salvo;

Working together with PitturiAmo are:

  • Curators;
  • Art critics;
  • Gallery owners;
  • Journalists;

PitturiAmo is covering a void, created by the Italian state, which does nothing to promote art in the world

Paolo Levi

International Art Critic

From left: Paolo Levi, international critic of art and Nino Argentati, President of PitturiAmo.

PitturiAmo rispetta l'ambiente

PitturiAmo respects the environment

To limit the environmental impact caused by the use of printing paper, inks and transportation, PitturiAmo chooses to minimize the printing and shipping of promotional material. Catalogs, certificates, brochures and everything not strictly necessary for the promotion of events and artists will be distributed exclusively in electronic format.

  • THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE JOINT WINNERS – inclusion in the Top Selection of PitturiAmo, an international network of selected artists, flanked by great European galleries.
  • The names of the winners will be published on “la Repubblica” on September 08, 2024
  • ALL  admitted artists will receive a certificate of merit and will be able to exhibit through video their artworks at the One Art Space Gallery, from 29th July to 4th August 2024.
Anna Soricaro e Nino Argentati al Premio Artista Italia 2022

Any doubts? Read our answers!

Is it compulsory to pay registration fee?

The registration fee must be paid only in case of selection and only if you actually decide to participate in the Prize. No obligation is required following the submission of the application. You will be able to decide, in complete serenity, to participate and therefore pay the registration fee only after being selected.

What is the cost of participation and when will I have to pay?

The amount of 281,00 € can be paid by bank transfercredit cardPayPal or PostePay. The membership will be confirmed only and exclusively upon receipt of the admission fee. ATTENTION! Only during certain periods is it possible that discounts may be active. Check, during payment, if you are entitled to this discount!

N.B.: After 14 days from payment it will not be possible to withdraw from the purchase.

Can I pay in installments?

We have not provided this option. However, if you believe that payment in installments is the only possible solution, contact our editorial staff at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu, or via  WhatsApp, and we will find a solution.

How many artworks can I submit?

It is possible to participate with one or more works, which you will have to send via email using the form on this page (to send more works it is not necessary to fill in the registration form several times, you can send all of them via email to info@pitturiamo.com). If you have difficulty sending the image, contact our editorial team at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu, or via WhatsApp

What are the categories in the competition

You can submit your artwork in one of the following categories: painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, digital art, installation, artificial intelligence

What is the International Circuit of Top Selection Artists?

All the events organized by PitturiAmo are created in collaboration with important gallery owners of the most important international cities. Each of them selects, from time to time at the end of the organized events, some artists from all the participating ones, to introduce them into an international circuit of high visibility events. The Circuit is constantly evolving. All the selected artists will be included in a web portal with restricted access for international gallery owners and will be invited to actively participate in highly potential events.

Where the artworks will be exhibited?

Wide visibility will be given to all the admitted artworks and to the participating artists on all PitturiAmo’s diffusion channels. These include all the sites of the PitturiAmo Network (www.pitturiamo.com, www.pitturiamo.eu, www.pitturiamo.it, www.pitturiamo.shop, www.pitturiamo.gallery), the social channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as all tools of dissemination such as Newsletters and WhatsApp and Telegram contacts. Overall, the PitturiAmo Network registers about 3500/4000 visitors per day. This means that thousands of people will be able to view your work. No other physical gallery can give you this visibility!

Who can see my artworks?

Thousands of people will visit the entire PitturiAmo Network during the days of the exhibition. This means that criticscuratorsgalleristscollectors and many simple art lovers will be able to admire your work.

By whom will my works be judged?

TAll admitted works will be judged by the artistic commission of PitturiAmo and by the gallerist hosting the event.

How are prizes awarded?

The jury will evaluate all the works received and will announce the winners after the closing of the prize and the exhibition in the gallery. All other participating artists will be informed by online communication, through PitturiAmo ’s channels.

What information should I provide you?

At the time of registration it is very important to provide personal data (name, surname, contact details), the image of the artwork and technical data (title, measurements and technique).

What awards will I receive?

All participants will receive a certificate of merit. The winners will receive a certificate of winning with motivation from the Jury.

Can I exhibit live?

Exhibition from life is possible only according to the available spaces. However, if you wish to exhibit your works from life, you can contact our editorial staff at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu, or via WhatsApp, to check the possibility.

Who covers the cost of shipping the winning works to the gallery?

Is not expected any shipping cost, as this is a video exhibition

10 good reasons to participate

Tap or click the number to find out why you should participate


You can make your art known in one of the most important cities in the world.


Your work will be included in a prestigious catalogue that will be distributed online to thousands of users and art operators. The catalog will be distributed with ISBN code, to be easily distributed in all the libraries of the world.


You can become part of a large international circuit, with some of the best galleries in the most important European cities (Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, etc…). The circuit will expand more and more in the coming years, so entering now will be a splendid opportunity for growth and comparison.


You can enrich your CV and thus increase your value as an artist.


You can get discounts and facilities on some services offered by PitturiAmo.


You do not have to physically ship the work. So you reduce costs and eliminate risks.


If you are not yet part of the large PitturiAmo family you can become part of the largest Network dedicated to artists, present throughout the national and international territory.


If you join the TOP SELECTION you will benefit of a team of online art operators who will promote the direct sale of your works.


Your artwork will be distributed across the entire PitturiAmo Network, which has 3500/4000 visitors a day. On the days of the exhibition it will be seen by thousands of art lovers, critics, curators, gallery owners. What other physical gallery can give you this visibility?


The exposure cost is very low.  With just 281,00€  you are present in one of the most exclusive places in the world and compete to establish your art on a international level.

Would you like more information? Chat with one of our art consultants via WhatsApp. Send us a message now and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Choose your PitturiAmo consultant.

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