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International Artist of Europe Award MILAN – BRERA

International Artist
of Europe Award 2023


Presentation at the historic San Babila Theater (a stone’s throw from the Duomo)

December 14, 2023


Exhibition and Video Exhibition at the Antonio Battaglia gallery, in Brera

17-27 January 2024



and enters the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, supported by the main European galleries

Painting – Sculpture – Graphics – Photography – Digital art

DEADLINE : November 20th

Quartiere Brera Milano - IA

Watch the presentation video of the event.

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The European Artist Award 2023, organized by PitturiAmo A.P.S., has the ambition of launching or strengthen the careers of artists internationally, offering them a solid reference to include in their curriculum vitae and the opportunity to be part of a circle of artists selected by the majors european companies gallerist!!!

Artists, professionals or amateurs, of any age or nationality will be awarded.

The 15 winners will have the opportunity to exhibit one of their works at the prestigious Battaglia gallery, located in the Brera neighborhood of Milan, in via Ciovasso, 5.

All admitted artists will receive the certificate of merit on the occasion of the event, which will take place on December 14, 2023 at the San Babila Theater, one of the main theaters in the city of Milan, in Corso Venezia 2/A, between Piazza Duomo and via Montenapoleone.

All the works of the admitted artists will also be presented in a video exhibition at the Battaglia gallery.

A selection of artists, of particular importance, will have the opportunity to establish working relationships with the Battaglia gallery and with the other international galleries of the PitturiAmo circuit, in the main European capitals (Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, etc.) through entry a select circuit of international artists: the TOP SELECTION.

Win the chance to finally enter the world that matters!

Logo Premio Internazionale Artista d'Europa

The Prize is aimed at painters, sculptors, photographers, digital artists and aims to give wide visibility to their works through real exhibitions and videos for 10 days at the Galleria Battaglia di Brera, a few steps from the historic Academy of Art.

Exhibition of a work in the gallery for 10 days.

All members, regardless of their ranking, will have the opportunity to enter PitturiAmo’s TOP SELECTION, in an international circuit of selected artists, supported by the main European galleries.

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Galleria Antonio Battaglia, esposizione di Antonio Fomez
Galleria Antonio Battaglia , Brera - Milano
Galleria Antonio Battaglia, esposizione artista pop Antonio Fomez
Esposizione di Antonio Fomez alla galleria Antonio Battaglia

In the photos, exhibition of pop artist Antonio Fomez – June/July 2023.

Logo Galleria Antonio Battaglia

The Antonio Battaglia Gallery, founded in Milan in 2002, is located in the heart of the Brera district, within an elegant courtyard, a stone’s throw from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery. The gallery represents historicized artists who emerged in the sixties and seventies in the effervescent Milanese art scene that saw the Brera area as the international epicenter of culture and the new avant-garde.

The exhibition program highlights the artists mentioned above with contributions from some important critics and with the publication of catalogues. Attention is always paid to contemporary languages, including painting, sculpture, photography and new media, also in the proposals of young artists and in the direct relationships between artist, curator, gallery owner, work and space.

The gallery’s artists are followed and supported in various projects, including external ones, such as exhibitions in public and private spaces and fairs in Italy and abroad.

The gallery owner Antonio Battaglia accompanies his collectors in the care and development of their collections in search of works by the main artists of the 20th century and the new avant-garde in Italy and abroad, in addition to providing advice for the evaluation of complete works collections and loans of works for exhibitions.

Il quartiere Brera di Milano

The Brera neighborhood of Milan is a stone’s throw from the Duomo.

Brera borders the districts of Duomo, Parco Sempione, Porta Venezia, Garibaldi-Repubblica and Sarpi.

In the elegant Brera neighborhood, in the historic center, is the Pinacoteca of the same name, which exhibits Italian works of art from different centuries, and the church of Santa María del Carmine, from the 15th century, with frescoes.

Grocery stores, luxury boutiques and numerous art galleries dot the streets, and at night the cobblestone streets come alive with trendy nightclubs, stylish terrace bars and high-end restaurants.

Show video

from January 17 to 27, 2024

Video proiezione in galleria

The 15 winning works will be exhibited live at the Antonio Battaglia gallery on via Ciovasso, 5 in Milan (Brera district).

All works eligible for the award will be shown in a video exhibition.

10 bandiere europa

Enter the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, the International Circuit of selected artists


Logo Top Selection, artists of the world

The gallery owner Antonio Battaglia will select, among all the participants, some artists of his exclusive interest, to include in his entourage.

These will become part of the TOP SELECTION, organized by PitturiAmo in collaboration with the best European gallery owners.

The artists belonging to the TOP SELECTION They identify exclusively with the gallery owners of the large European cities (Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, etc.) with whom PitturiAmo organizes artistic events and forms a small and selected group of artists in continuous evolution, with an increasingly rich portfolio. more prestigious.

All TOP SELECTION artists, in fact, will be included in a special site with access reserved for European gallery owners, thus having the possibility of obtaining discounts and exclusive invitations to the best artistic events, chosen and selected by the gallery owners themselves.


10 bandiere europa

Antonio Battaglia

Antonio Battaglia

Antonio Battaglia Graduated from the Brera Academy. Antonio Battaglia has been organizing contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and abroad for more than 20 years, with cultural exchanges between Italy and Austria, in collaboration with the Galerie Bertrand Kass in Innsbruck and cultural institutions in Innsbruck, Luxembourg and Milan.

Owner of the gallery of the same name in via Ciovasso 5 in Milan, in the elegant Brera neighborhood, he coordinates the activity of various Italian and foreign visual artists, dealing with the exhibition and sale of works of painting, sculpture and photography to collectors and enthusiasts of art during exhibitions and fairs since 1998: Bologna Art Fair, Artissima Turin, Miart Milan, Art Verona.

It deals with the publication of catalogs and specialized art books.

In 2015, the critic and professor Carlo Franza awarded him the Art and Culture Award as Gallery Owner of the Year.

The free event catalog for all selected artists

The PDF catalog of the International Artists of Europe Award, with all the artists admitted to the exhibition.

You can download the catalog in PDF format for free and easily distribute it online to all your contacts.

N.B. The catalog will be available for download approximately three weeks after the event ends. Technical times necessary to create the product.

Il catalogo della manifestazione

Grand presentation gala at the San Babila Theater

corso Venezia 2/A – Milano

Teatro San Babila - Milano
Teatro San Babila - Platea - Milano

The presentation of the admitted artworks will take place on 14 December 2023 at the San Babila Theater, one of the most important theaters in Milan, where the greatest Italian actors have performed.

The construction of the San Babila Theater, by the architect Mario Gottardi, dates back to 1964 by will of the Cardinal of Milan Giovanni Battista Montini, later Archbishop of Milan and future Pope Paul VI.

Designed and built with cutting-edge technologies, including the simultaneous translation system for international conferences, the San Babila immediately emerged as an emblem of the vitality of Milan, becoming its ideal lounge.

The theater hall, consisting of an auditorium and a gallery with a total capacity of 470 seats, is designed with perfect acoustics.

The greatest Italian actors have performed on its stage: Paolo Stoppa, Aroldo Tieri, Peppino De Filippo, Nino Taranto, Glauco Mauri, Rossella Falk, Giorgio Albertazzi, Ernesto Calindri, Lauretta Masiero, Giulio Bosetti, Enrico Maria Salerno, Renzo Montagnani, Giancarlo Sbragia, Lella Brignone, Valeria Valeri, Franca Valeri, Paola Gassman, Paolo Villaggio, Milena Vukotic, Paola Pitagora, Vanessa Gravina, Alessandro Benvenuti, Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere, Massimo Daiuto and many others.

The San Babila Theater is located in the center of Milan. Located in the square of the same name, considered a meeting point for aperitifs and business, it is located between Piazza Duomo, the heart of the historic city and Via Montenapoleone, a symbol of luxury and an area renowned for shopping for the most exclusive ready-to-wear.

It will be a wonderful opportunity for discussion and communication, during which the artists will receive the certificate of merit for admission to the Prize.

The certificate of merit and the recognition plaque

Winners will receive a 10mm plexiglass recognition plaque with a reproduction of the winning entry and, for all participants, a certificate of merit.


Targa per i vincitori del premio Artista d'Europa 2023

The 15 winning artists will receive a plaque of recognition. All admitted artists will be issued a certificate of merit with a generic motivation.

Attestato di merito per gli artisti ammessi al premio Internazionale Artista d'Europa 2023

Participation fee

(only if selected)


Here’s how to participate


Fill out the form and send the image of your artworks with title, technique and size. Our artistic editorial staff will evaluate your work and, if you are selected, we will contact you in order to formalize your registration.

Submit your Artwork

Fill out the form and send the image of your artworks with title, technique and size. Our artistic editorial staff will evaluate your work and, if you are selected, we will contact you in order to formalize your registration.


If you have difficulty filling out the registration form, contact our editorial staff and we will help you!

DEADLINE : November 20th


  • The possibility of participating in the TOP SELECTION of PitturiAmo, supported by the main European galleries
  • Grand presentation gala in the historic San Babila Theatre, located between Piazza Duomo and via Montenapoleone.
  • Video exhibition of the accepted work in an exhibition room at the Antonio Battaglia Gallery in Brera from January 17 to 27, 2024.
  • Digital invitation to the inauguration that will take place on Thursday, January 18, 2024 at the Galleria Battaglia di Brera, at 5:30 p.m.
  • Certificate of merit with generic motivation for admission
  • Opening cocktail at the Gallery.

Possibility of competing for prizes:

  • From 1st to 15th place – Exhibition of a work for 10 days at the prestigious Antonio Battaglia Gallery in Brera (MI)


PitturiAmo® numbers

Painters in promotion

Paintings on display

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati, designed and created PitturiAmo. He created his first web page in 1995 . Since then he has curated countless online projects for companies, specializing in search engine optimization and creating online advertising campaigns.

Thanks to PitturiAmo he has helped thousands of artists to sell their works both online and through gallery shows, fairs, shows and competitions.

He organizes exhibitions, awards and competitions for national and international artists, in Italy and abroad.

There are more than 19,000 artists members of the PitturiAmo Network, exhibiting more than 218,000 works of art online.

With these numbers and an average of about 3500 visitors a day, PitturiAmo has become the largest art gallery on the Italian web.

Premio dei Normanni. Nino Argentati e Sandro Serradifalco
Nino Argentati e Anna Soricaro al Premio Artista d'Italia
Fiera ART 3 F - Alta savoia con M.G. Todaro della Queen Art Studio Gallery
Nino Argentati al Premio Vittorio Sgarbi
Nino Argentati con Mario Salvo e Francesca Reger

Nino Argentati during some of the many events organized by PitturiAmo. From top left with: Vittorio Sgarbi and Sandro Serradifalco at the Premio Maestri in Milan, with Maria Grazia Todaro at the Art 3F fair in Alta Savoia, with Philippe Daverio, at the Vittorio Sgarbi Award, with Sandro Serradifalco at the Normanni Award, during the presentation of the Italian Artist Award 2022 in Rome, with the artists at the Art 3f Fair of Marseille 2022

PitturiAmo has already helped many artists to gain greater visibility online, which has resulted in:

  • Sale of paintings directly on the portal;
  • Sale of paintings by private treaty;
  • Win prizes in contests;
  • Participation in fairs, exhibitions and various events;
  • Exhibitions in group shows in prestigious places;
  • Publications in art catalogues;
  • Inclusions in the most prestigious art collections.

PitturiAmo is present at major art events together with many internationally renowned artists and critics, such as:

  • Vittorio Sgarbi;
  • Sandro Serradifalco;
  • Philippe Daverio;
  • Paolo Levi;
  • Mario Salvo;

Working together with PitturiAmo are:

  • Curators;
  • Art critics;
  • Gallery owners;
  • Journalists;

PitturiAmo is covering a void, created by the Italian state, which does nothing to promote art in the world

Paolo Levi

International Art Critic

From left: Paolo Levi, international critic of art and Nino Argentati, President of PitturiAmo.

PitturiAmo rispetta l'ambiente

PitturiAmo respects the environment

To limit the environmental impact caused by the use of printing paper, inks and transportation, PitturiAmo chooses to minimize the printing and shipping of promotional material. Catalogs, certificates, brochures and everything not strictly necessary for the promotion of events and artists will be distributed exclusively in electronic format.

Exhibition of a work in the gallery for 10 days.

All members, regardless of their ranking, will have the opportunity to enter PitturiAmo’s TOP SELECTION, in an international circuit of selected artists, supported by the main European galleries.

Anna Soricaro e Nino Argentati al Premio Artista Italia 2022

Any doubts? Read our answers!

Is it compulsory to pay registration fee?

The registration fee must be paid only in case of selection and only if you actually decide to participate in the Prize. No obligation is required following the submission of the application. You will be able to decide, in complete serenity, to participate and therefore pay the registration fee only after being selected.

What is the cost of participation and when will I have to pay?

La somma di 225,00 € potrà essere pagata mediante bonifico bancario, carta di credito, PayPal o PostePay. L’adesione sarà confermata solo ed esclusivamente al ricevimento della quota di adesione. ATTENTION! Only the first 100 registered artists are entitled to a 20% discount, thus paying the sum of €187.00. Check, during payment, if you are entitled to this discount!

Can I pay in installments?

We have not provided this option. However, if you believe that payment in installments is the only possible solution, contact our editorial staff at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu,or via WhatsApp, and we will find a solution.

Quante opere posso presentare?

It is possible to participate with just one work, which you will have to send via email using the form on this page. If you have difficulty sending the image, contact our editorial team at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu, or via WhatsApp

What are the categories in the competition

You can submit your artwork in one of the following categories: painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, digital art.

What is the International Artists Circuit?

All the events organized by PitturiAmo are created in collaboration with important gallery owners of the most important international cities. Each of them selects, from time to time at the end of the organized events, some artists from all the participating ones, to introduce them into an international circuit of high visibility events. The Circuit is constantly evolving. All the selected artists will be included in a web portal with restricted access for international gallery owners and will be invited to actively participate in highly potential events.

Where the artworks will be exhibited?

Wide visibility will be given to all the admitted artworks and to the participating artists on all PitturiAmo’s diffusion channels. These include all the sites of the PitturiAmo Network (www.pitturiamo.com, www.pitturiamo.eu, www.pitturiamo.it, www.pitturiamo.shop, www.pitturiamo.gallery), the social channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as all tools of dissemination such as Newsletters and WhatsApp and Telegram contacts. Overall, the PitturiAmo Network registers about 3500/4000 visitors per day. This means that, overall in the 10 days of the exhibition, around 40,000 people will be able to see your artwork. No other physical gallery can give you this visibility!

Who can see my artworks?

Oltre alle 40.000 persone che, in media, visiteranno tutto il Network di PitturiAmo nei 10 giorni di esposizione la tua opera sarà visibile in videoproiezione in galleria a Brera, uno dei quartieri dell’arte più  rinomati d’Italia. Nel caso in cui dovessi essere anche uno dei vincitori la tua opera sarà visibile, anche dal vero in galleria. Ciò significa che critici, curatori, galleristi, collezionisti e tanti semplici appassionati d’arte avranno modo di ammirare la tua opera.

In addition to the 40,000 people who, on average, will visit the entire PitturiAmo Network during the 10 days of the exhibition, your work will be visible on video projection in the gallery in Brera (Milan). In the event that you are also one of the winners, your work will be visible, even in real life in the gallery. This means that critics, curators, gallerists, collectors and many simple art lovers will be able to admire your work.

By whom will my works be judged?

All admitted works will be judged by the artistic commission of PitturiAmo and by the gallerist Antonio Battaglia.

How are prizes awarded?

The jury will evaluate all the works received and will announce the winners by December 5, 2022. The winners will be contacted privately to organize the shipment of the artworks to the gallery. All other participating artists will be informed by email, WhatsApp and all PitturiAmo’s communication channels.

What information should I provide you?

At the time of registration it is very important to provide personal data (name, surname, contact details), the image of the artwork and technical data (title, measurements and technique).

What awards will I receive?

All participants will receive a certificate of achievement. The winners will receive a certificate of winning with motivation from the Jury.

Can I exhibit live?

Exhibition from life is possible exclusively for the winning works. However, if you wish to exhibit your works from life, regardless of your possible winning, you can contact our editorial staff at the email address redazione@pitturiamo.eu, or via WhatsApp, to check the possibility at an additional cost.

Who covers the cost of shipping the winning works to the gallery?

The cost of shipping the artworks to the gallery, both outward and return, is the sole responsibility of the winning artist.

10 good reasons to participate

Tap or click the number to find out why you should participate


You can make your art known in one of the most relevant artistic headquarters in Italy.


You can win one of the cash or service prizes


You can become part of a large international circuit, with some of the best galleries in the most important European cities (Rome, Vienna, Madrid, Milan, etc…). The circuit will expand more and more in the coming years, so entering now will be a splendid opportunity for growth and comparison.


You can enrich your CV and thus increase your value as an artist


You can win one of the many services offered by PitturiAmo. A good opportunity to try high quality marketing services, to evaluate their effectiveness.


You do not have to physically ship the work. So you reduce costs and eliminate risks.


If you are not yet part of the large PitturiAmo family you can become part of the largest Network dedicated to artists, present throughout the national and international territory.


If you are one of the winners you can exhibit your art in person in the gallery and thus obtain a wonderful image return.


your artwork will be distributed across the entire PitturiAmo Network, which has 3500/4000 visitors a day. During the 10 days of the exhibition it can therefore be seen by over 40,000 art enthusiasts, critics, curators and gallery owners. What other physical gallery can give you this visibility?


The cost of exposure is really small. With just €187.00 you are present in one of the most exclusive places in Italy and compete to establish your art on a European level.

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