Brera Prize

International Award
of Contemporary Art

Prize Money 15.000,00€
(in cash and services)

June, 16/30 2022

15 days of exhibition

Painting – Sculpture – Graphics – Photography – Digital Art


Pinacoteca Brera

In 1922, Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics due to his work on the Photoelectric Effect.

100 years later PitturiAmo wants to remember that important event through a conceptual connection with light, between art and science.

Light was extremely important for Einstein – for his studies on the Photoelectric Effect and the Theories of Relativity – as it is equally important for all the artists who use it to create works that go beyond the concepts of time and space.

The Prize is dedicated to painters, sculptors, photographers, digital artists and it aims at giving wide visibility to their works through video, lithographic and live exhibition. The event will last 15 days and it will take place at the Galleria Made4Art in Brera, a few steps away from the house where the young German scientist lived.


(Awarded by the PitturiAmo Artistic Commission in cash and services)

€ 1,000.00 in cash + € 1000.00 in services + Art critique + Live exhibition in the gallery for 15 days.

€ 500.00 in cash + € 500.00 in services + Art critique + live exhibition in the gallery for 15 days.

€ 600.00 in services + Art critique + live exhibition in the gallery for 15 days.

Live exhibition in the gallery for 15 days.

The first 20 subscribers, regardless of ranking, will receive an article dedicated to their art, written by the tutors of PitturiAmo and published, in Italian, on PitturiAmo Magazine, the online journal dedicated to contemporary artists, which counts over 600 visits a day. – Economic value € 80.00

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Made4Art - Brera
Galleria d'arte a Brera
MADE4ART – exhibition space, communication and services studio for art and culture – was born in 2012 from the collaboration between Vittorio Schieroni and Elena Amodeo as a platform for a new concept of communication and services for art and culture.

MADE4ART is also a multifunctional space, a concept gallery capable of hosting events, exhibitions, presentations and cultural meetings: a showcase for new contemporary proposals.

Il quartiere Brera di Milano

The District of Brera in Milan is located a few steps away from the Duomo of Milan. Brera borders with the Districts of Duomo, Parco Sempione, Porta Venezia, Garibaldi-Repubblica and Sarpi.

The elegant District of Brera, in heart of the old town centre, there are the homonymous Art Galley – that shows Italian art works of different periods – and the fifteenth century Church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

The streets are full of grocery shops, luxury boutiques and many art galleries. Tn the evening, the cobblestone streets are animated by trendy clubs, elegant lounge bar and luxury restaurants.

Video Exhibition + Lithographic Exhibition

June 16-30, 2022

Video proiezione in galleria

The top 15 award-winning art works will be exhibited live in the gallery

The top 100 eligible artists will become Leader Artists of their Province for 3 months (you will rank high on Google among the other artists of your province)

All the art works eligible to the Prize will be exhibited through video and lithography

The lithography of the art works eligible to the Prize

All the eligible art works will be reproduced through lithographic print and will be exhibited in the gallery.

Thus, the numerous visitors to the event will have the opportunity to observe your art work immediately and for as long as they wish.

Those interested in purchasing it can decide whether to order the original art work or purchase one or more copies of the lithographic print.

opera litografica Brera

Art Critic Mario Salvo

Mario Salvo Critico

The top 3 winners will receive a critique made by the artist, critic and international master of stratigraphic spatula Mario Salvo.

Mario Salvo has recently celebrated 50 years of artistic career. He founded the cultural association ALETES Onlus and, as President and Teacher, through art in schools, he supports those people subjected to social vulnerability.

Targa premio Brera

The winners will receive a 10mm plexiglass plaque with a reproduction of their winning art work.

Certificates for the artists eligible to the Prize

Certificate of Admission and of Leader Artist

Attestato Premio Brera

Participation Fee

(only if you are eligible)

150,00 €

(+ shipping costs of certificates and lithography)


Exhibit for 15 days at a cost of € 10.00 per day !!!



Fill in the form below and send the image of your work with title, technique and size. Our artistic editorial staff will evaluate your art work and, if deemed eligible, we will contact you in order to formalize your registration.

Apply for the Prize

Send your application together with your art work, you will pay the membership fee ONLY IF YOU ARE SELECTED by the Artistic Editorial Staff of PitturiAmo.


If you have difficulty filling out the registration form contact our editorial staff and we’ll help you!



  • Video exhibition of the art work admitted in an exhibition hall of the Made4Art gallery in Brera from 16 to 30 June 2022.
  • Publication and exhibition of a lithography picturing the art work admitted to the Prize.  The lithography will be put up for sale at the price set by the artist. If the lithograph is not sold it will be sent to the artist. In the event of a sale, the amount (established by the artist) will be fully paid to the artist.
  • Digital invitation to the vernissage that will take place on the 16th of June 2022 in the gallery in Brera.
  • Certificate of successful selection signed by Mario Salvo, President of the jury.
  • Cocktail for the opening ceremony in the gallery.

Possibility to compete for the following prizes:

15,000.00 euro (awarded to the winning artists by the PitturiAmo editorial staff) divided as follows:

  • 1st PRIZE: € 1000.00 in cash + € 1000.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition
  • 2nd PRIZE: € 500.00 in cash + € 500.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition
  • 3rd PRIZE: € 600.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition
  • 4th / 15th CLASSIFIED : live exhibition
  • Free presentation article – (only for the first 20 artists admitted to the Prize – economic value € 80.00)

The jury

Mario Salvo

Mario Salvo

Artist, President of the Jury

President of the jury of international and national competitions. Member of the commission for the award of art works in various competitions in different provinces. Winner of 3 competitions – CEE competition – purchase prize – announced in the Official according to the law 717/49. He is present in the seventh volume of “Quelli che contano” edited by Ferdinando Anselmetti, published and edited by Marsilio Editore. He privately teaches the use of stratigraphic spatula to numerous artists.

Anna Soricaro

Anna Soricaro

Expert, Art Critic, Gallerist

For many years Anna Soricaro has been involved in the writing of art critique of national and international contemporary art works and in the planning and promoting of cultural and art events with international partnerships; Since 2005 she has been an art expert and director of the De Nittis Foundation in Barletta, in 2015 she registered as Art Expert at the Bari Chamber of Commerce. She works as a professor in private institutes where she teaches Master in Management of Cultural Heritage. She is also artistic director of the Zerouno Cultural Center. She collaborated with several local periodicals, online magazines; she edited free publications and numerous art catalogs.

Marcella Mondo

Marcella Mondo

Art Dealer of PitturiAmo

For several years she has been the Art Dealer of PitturiAmo, where she coordinates promotional activities for art services and events. She is also the Chief Editor of PitturiAmo Magazine, she identifies the best strategies and techniques for the development of the website. She gained a strong experience in the management and enhancement of the artists of the Network and, over time, she became a real point of reference for all those who rely on PitturiAmo for the promotion of their art. Because of her critical skills, context analysis and a deep knowledge of the industry, she is able to move easily in the art market.

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati

Founder and President of PitturiAmo

He conceived and created PitturiAmo. He created his first web page in 1995. Since then, he handled countless online projects for companies, and he specialized in search engine positioning and in the creation of online advertising campaigns. Thanks to PitturiAmo he helped thousands of artists to sell their art works both online and through exhibitions in galleries, fairs and competitions.

Francesca Reger

Francesca Reger

Cultural promoter & Art events management

Since 2014 she has been a consultant for the selection of the artists participating in the Florence Biennale. She was a member of the Artistic and Setting-up Management of the “Luigi Pecci” Contemporary Art Center in Prato. She gained experience abroad at the MAMCO (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain) in Geneva. She has a Master Degree in Management of Cultural Heritage and she is an expert in care and damage prevention of contemporary art works.

Francesca Callipari

Francesca Callipari

Art critic and independent exhibition curator

She deals with art at 360 degrees, moving from her interest in medieval manuscripts to contemporary art, writing, goldsmithing and fashion. Graduated in the history of modern art, she is the founder and creator of the traveling exhibit I Love Italy and of the Web TV “I Love Italy TV – La Rinascita”, these are the projects through which she enhances and promotes budding Italian talents in Italy and abroad.

Alfonso Lauria

Alfonso Lauria

Art curator and artistic consultant of PitturiAmo

With a bachelor’s degree in cultural heritage at the University of Catania, a master’s degree in visual arts at the university of Bologna and a specialization in cultural heritage at the university of Macerata, Alfonso Lauria collaborates with the artistic editorial staff of PitturiAmo as a consultant and curator of artistic events. He gained experience abroad as art teacher at the University of Seville. He also identifies and selects the artists of PitturiAmo to support them in their professional growth.

Il quartiere Brera di Milano

From 1894 to 1900 Albert Einstein lived with his family in a house in via Bigli 21, a few steps away from via Ciovasso 17, where it is located the Made4Art gallery. A marble plaque, displayed on the street, indicates his previous residence.

A few years later, in 1905, Einstein published the special theory of relativity, having identified the famous formula E = mc2 and, in 1915 he published the general theory of relativity.

The formula E = mc 2, which relates the energy and mass of a body to the square of the speed of light, is probably the most famous equation in Physics, thanks to the intertwining of innovation, simplicity and elegance.

The light was the focal point of all Einstein’s scientific research and it represents for artists the essential element without which it is not possible to create art.

The numbers of PitturiAmo® 

Artists in promotion

Art Works on display

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati

Nino Argentati, has conceived and created PitturiAmo . He created his first web page in 1995 . Since then, he has curated countless online projects for companies, and he specialized in search engine positioning and in the creation of online advertising campaigns.

Thanks to PitturiAmo he has helped thousands of artists to sell their works both online and through exhibitions in galleries, fairs, exhibitions and competitions.

He organizes exhibitions, prizes and competitions for national and international artists, in Italy and abroad.

There are over 17,500 artists subscribed to PitturiAmo through this network they display online over 200,000 works of art.

With these numbers and an average of 2500 visitors a day PitturiAmo has become the largest art gallery online in Italy.

Premio dei Normanni. Nino Argentati e Sandro Serradifalco
Nino Argentati e Anna Soricaro al Premio Artista d'Italia
Fiera ART 3 F - Alta savoia con M.G. Todaro della Queen Art Studio Gallery
Nino Argentati al Premio Vittorio Sgarbi
Nino Argentati con Mario Salvo e Francesca Reger

Nino Argentati during some of the many events organized by PitturiAmo. From the top left: Nino Argentati with Vittorio Sgarbi and Sandro Serradifalco at the Prize “Maestri a Milano”, with Maria Grazia Todaro at the Art 3F Fair in Haute-Savoie, with Philippe Daverio at the Prize “Vittorio Sgarbi”, with Sandro Serradifalco at the Prize “Normanni”, with Mario Salvo and Francesca Reger at the Prize “Raffaello Sanzio” in via Margutta in Rome, with Anna Soricaro and the artists Paolo Uttieri and Mario Angelo Vacca at the Prize “Artista d’Italia”.

PitturiAmo has already helped many artists to increase their visibility online, which means:

  • Sale of paintings directly from our website;
  • Sale of paintings through private negotiation;
  • Winning of prizes in competitions;
  • Participation in fairs, exhibitions and various events;
  • Group Exhibitions in prestigious locations;
  • Publications in art catalogs;
  • Admission  in prestigious Art Collections.

PitturiAmo takes part in major art events alongside many internationally renowned artists and critics, such as:

  • Vittorio Sgarbi;
  • Sandro Serradifalco;
  • Philippe Daverio;
  • Paolo Levi;
  • Mario Salvo;

PitturiAmo works with:

  • Curators;
  • Art critics;
  • Gallerists;
  • Journalists;

PitturiAmo is filling a void created by the Italian government, that does nothing to promote the Italian art in the world.

Paolo Levi

International Art Critic

From the left: Paolo Levi, international art critic, and Nino Argentati, CEO of PitturiAmo.


€ 1000.00 in cash + € 1000.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition


€ 500.00 in cash + € 500.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition


€ 600.00 in services + art critique + live exhibition

from 4th to 15th Prize

live exhibition

For the first 20 subscribers

Article dedicated to the artist in PitturiAmo Magazine (Economic value € 80.00)


Total Prize Money

€ 15,000.00

The dark side of the moon

Any doubts? Read our answers!

Is it mandatory to pay the participation fee?

The participation fee must be paid only in case of admission to the Prize and only if you actually decide to participate to the Prize. It is not mandatory to pay during the submission of the application. You can serenely decide whether to participate and therefore pay the participation fee only after being selected.

How much is it the cost of the participation fee and when will I have to pay for it?

The participation fee is € 150.00, to which it is necessary to add a sum of € 10.00 for the shipping of the certificates to your home. The total amount of € 160.00 can be paid through bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or PostePay. The participation to the Prize will be confirmed only and exclusively after the payment of the participation fee.

Can I pay in installments?

We haven’t considered this option. However, if you believe that payment by installments is the only possible solution for you, contact our editorial staff at the email address , or via WhatsApp, and we will look for a solution.

Who pays for the shipping the winning art works to the gallery?
The cost of the shipping of the art work, both to the gallery and on the way back, must be paid fully by the winning artist
How many art works can I submit?
It is possible to participate with only one art work. You can send the image of one of your art works by using the form on this webpage.

If you have any difficulties sending the image, please contact our editorial staff at , or via WhatsApp

Where will the art works be displayed?

Wide visibility will be given to all art works admitted to the Prize and to all the artists who will participate through all the communication channels of PitturiAmo. These include all the websites of the PitturiAmo Network (,,,,, the social media channels Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, as well as means of promotion such as newsletters, WhatsApp and Telegram messages. Overall, the PitturiAmo Network counts approximately 3500/4000 visitors a day. This means that, during the 15 days of exhibition, over 60,000 people will have the opportunity to see your work. No other live exhibition can give you so much visibility!

Who will be able to see my art work?

In addition to the 60,000 people who, on average, visits the PitturiAmo Network, during the 15 days of exhibition, your art work will be displayed through video projection in the Made4Art gallery in Brera, one of the most renowned art districts in Italy. In the event that you are one of the winners, your art work will be exhibited live in the gallery. This means that critics, curators, gallery owners, collectors and many art lovers will be able to admire your art work.

Who will judge my art work?

All the eligible art works will be judged by the PitturiAmo artistic commission, formed for this event by: Mario Salvo, president of the jury, artist with over 50 years of career, art critic, inventor of the stratigraphic spatula technique; Anna Soricaro, gallery owner, art critic, artistic expert for the Courthouse of Bari, curator of art events; Marcella Mondo, PitturiAmo Art Dealer; Francesca Reger, Cultural promoter & Art events management; Francesca Callipari, Art critic and independent exhibition curator and Alfonso Lauria, Art curator and artistic consultant of PitturiAmo. The promotion online of the art works will be curated instead by Nino Argentati, founder and President of PitturiAmo, web marketing expert since 1995, and by all the PitturiAmo staff.

How will the prizes be awarded?

The jury, chaired by Mario Salvo, will judge all the art works admitted to the Prize and will announce the winners by 5 June 2022. The winners will be contacted privately to organize the shipping of the art works to the gallery. All artists participating to the Prize will be informed through the PitturiAmo channels.Concerning the assignment of the money of the Prize, the winners will receive the total amount of money through bank transfer.To receive the prizes in services, the artists will be able to choose from a series of options made available by PitturiAmo and they will have 1 year of time to ask for the assignment.The article dedicated to your art will be activated for the first 20 subscribers, as we receive the payment of the participation fee.

Can I get my art into the live exhibit?

The live exhibition is only possible for the winning art works. However, if you wish to live exhibit your art works, regardless of your possible winning, you can contact our editorial staff at the email address, or via WhatsApp, to check if there is the possibility to do so by paying an additional cost.

What information do I need to provide during the registration?

During the registration phase, it is very important to provide personal data (name, surname, contact details), the image of the art work and its data (title, size and technique).

What recognition will I receive?

All participants will receive a certificate of admission to the Prize. The winners will receive a certificate of winning with the motivation explained by the Jury.

What will you do with the lithograph of my art work if it is not purchased during the exhibition?

It will be sent to your home along with the certificates. Therefore, you will receive the certificates and eventually the lithography of your art work AFTER the end of the event.

What are the categories that can participate to the competition?

You can submit your art work for one of the following categories: painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, digital art.

10 good reasons to participate

Tap or click on the number to find out why you should participate


You can promote your art in one of the most relevant artistic districts of Italy.

You can win of the Prizes in cash or services.
You can be more visible by ranking higher on Google for 3 months, when someone is looking for artists in your province.

You can enrich your resume and thus increase your value as an artist.

You can win one of the many services offered by PitturiAmo. It’s a good opportunity to try high quality marketing services and to judge their efficacy.

If you do not rank among the top 15 artists, you don’t have to ship your art work. Therefore, you reduce the costs and the risks of damage or loss of your art work.


If you are not yet part of the big PitturiAmo family, you can become part of the largest Network dedicated to artists, present throughout the national and international territory.


If you are one of the winners, you can exhibit your art in the gallery and thus obtain an amazing return in terms of image.


The art works admitted to the Prize will be displayed throughout the PitturiAmo Network, which counts 3500/4000 visitors per day. During the 15 days of exhibition, over 60,000 art lovers, critics, curators, gallery owners will be able to see your art work. What other gallery can give you so much visibility?


The cost of the exhibition is really cheap. With only € 10.00 per day, you can show your art in one of the most exclusive locations of Italy.

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